Not sure what to do in a conflict situation, or how to handle it in your professional or personal life? Would you like to be able to sort it out on your own, before you bring in the assistance of other co-workers, people or family?  Conflict Management Coaching can help with a conflict before it escalates to mediation and/or after a conflict is resolved as continued followup.  As a result the client will gain enhanced competence in areas of conflict, as well as increased learning and awareness to those who they are in conflict with. It can be used in most situations either in work and/or personal lives to reduce the conflict to being further escalated into a full blown legal dispute and/ or just to prepare for mediation. Specifically it can help you in negotiations and relationships to:

  • Resolve your own disputes independently by going directly to the source
  • Prepare anticipated questions and answers for challenging conversations
  • Manage your reactions to conflict
  • Shift emotional reactions to intelligent responses
  • Prevent conflict situations from escalating further