Helping you reach your dreams and pursue your life goals!

Go For It! Dream! Imagine! Plan! Action! Succeed! Results! WHAT IS COACHING? Are you where you want to be in your life or business?

Coaching helps you become the artist of your life by providing you with creative solutions, techniques and planning strategies to help you to reach your highest potential and leading you closer to achieving your goals. It also helps you to clearly define your goals, ideas and then prioritize what is most important to you along with identifying your obstacles and thought patterns that may be getting in the way . Coaching is also a method of partnering and ongoing communication between a coach and client and /or organization whereby the coach helps the client to make real changes or improvements. The coach may provide scripts, affirmations and motivation when working on a specific major goal or change of direction in life, either in a career, family, relationship, work, health or business. Coaching helps you immensely to achieve a desired end result in a given period or time, as it can really inspire you to go the extra mile, that you might otherwise not have not of taken. Going through a transition, difficult time or taking on a new adventure in life alone can be very lonely. Results are achieved quicker and with greater ease with a supportive coaching network in place.


Coaching is not consulting providing you specific information on a subject. Coaches honor the client as the expert in his/her life or professional field. The duties of a coach are to provide support and strategies to enhance the skills, expertise, resources and creativity of the client that already exist. Without creative imagination, invention, motivation, effective planning and a winning attitude, one not create the next business, franchise, career, song or stick to a diet and expect to achieve measurable results! Coaching will help put you back in the drivers seat by providing you with solutions for real personal change management and hold you accountable for your patterns and results.

Is Coaching For Me?

  • Do you feel you have ideas and want to change your life or business but just can’t seem to get a grip on making things happen?
  • Need help with creative planning, brainstorming, planning, inspiration?
  • You want to move ahead professionally and personally and would like to hire help.


Coaching begins with booking an hour intake session on the phone and/or in person. It usually requires a minimum 2 or 3 sessions to achieve effective results from a situation. After the first session, a professional script is drawn up for you to begin the work in the followup sessions. Usually the 2 -3 sessions are done within one month. Coaching can also mean receiving a phone call every day to work on a goal, or every week. The choice is up to you depending on your requirements, budget, and the amount of time you feel you need.

Where do sessions take place?

Most sessions are conducted on the telephone, where you can be in the comfort of your own home or space and you will not be disturbed. Sessions can also be done in either one of my office locations in either downtown Toronto, or in the west end of Etobicoke if requested.

What are the fees?

You will be given an estimate once we briefly discuss your situation and budget. Billing is done on an hourly basis or monthly plan.

To book an appointment call and get started call: 647 – 977 – 4051

Note: Coaching does not take the place of a therapist, diagnose or treat mental disorders.